Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is my next knitting project. I got the pattern from (Instant Mittens). I've never made grown up sized mittens before! I will be using the rest of the Lion Homespun so I have a matching scarf & mittens set.

Finished Fiesta scarf

Ok, finished the scarf today and I have 224 pages to go in Goblet of Fire which I intend to finish tonight.

The pattern for the scarf is:

Size 13 needles (size 10 is recommended by Lion Brand)
1 skein Lion Homespun

CO: 20 sts.
r1: k1, p1
r2: p1, k1
Repeat rows 1-2 until desired length, BO in pattern.

Couldn't be more simple than that! This pattern works for most yarn types.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cowboy Spaghetti

Cowboy Spaghetti
was pretty good. It tasted kind of like Chili Mac. Justin said he liked it too and cleaned his plate. I will save the recipe but am not sure how often I will make this. Its really good if you want pasta but don't feel like having regular old spaghetti. I used chardonnay instead of beer.


Here is 1/3 of the scarf that I'm knitting in a basic seed stitch pattern. Using Lion Homespun yarn in Fiesta. Its turning out to be pretty. I love the variegation.

Woven Cables

This will be my first knit item of twenty-ten. I think its pretty sweet. I will be using Lion Homespun in Fiesta (Christmas present from Bridget)I will definitely post a picture when I'm all done.

Woven Cables

Scratch that. I knit a few inches and you cant see the pattern. So I will be doing a seed stitch scarf with that yarn and will try to find a better yarn to knit with this pattern.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cowboy Spaghetti

I'm going to make this recipe first. I will be omitting the beer though because, ew.

Cowboy Spaghetti

It sounds good though, right?

Goblet of Fire

So, I'm in the middle of Goblet of Fire... I'm trying to read through the HP series again quickly so that I can FINALLY read book 7 and watch Half Blood Prince! I forgot all the stuff going on with the ministry of magic and wanted to understand what the hell is going on in the final book.

My Resolutions.

1. Be all that I can as a wife and mother.
2. Make all Christmas gifts for next year.
3. Read more often.
4. Make Violet a quilt.
5. Try at least 5 new dinner recipes a month.

This is my list. I decided to keep it small. A few years ago my list was about 20 lines long and was really hard to keep up with. Since I have a baby it will be much easier on all of the family if I keep this list short and sweet. And I'm expecting #4 to take up a bunch of my time(and money, quilts are not cheap to make!). So get ready for it people, this blog is going to bore your socks right off. Or, if you're into the same things that I'm into, it will rock your world!

I also encourage all of you to create a small list of 5 things to focus on next year. Things that will help you grow emotionally, spiritually, physically and craftylilly(ha).

Wishing everyone all the best!