Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 NYR's and their progress

1. less soda/coffee/caffeine
Eh, not so much. In fact, I think I've increased the coffee by 3.

2. stop saying "like" so much
I'm pretty sure this one was a success.

3. start my flipping business already(which needs a new name)
Yeah, that didn't happen. The stress of possibly moving kept us up in the air and I couldn't do it.

4. write a new knitting pattern every week
This didn't happen. I did write a few though, which is better than none.

5. get a REAL website for my knitting stuff with adverts and all that jazz.
This didn't happen. I did set up an etsy shop though. I've made 1 sale.

6. start treating my body like I'm going to be getting pregnant (because when I was doing that last time I felt wonderful all the time!)
This didn't happen.I tried.

7. keep the kitchen table cleaned off
This got a lot better.

8. figure out where to move!
We have a pretty good idea about where we want to move, and where we should move. which are different places.

9. make millions of dollars by playing the lottery...pwahahaha. ok, jk.
ha. the lottery. lame.

10. potty train Vi!! (yikes, scary)

11. possibly join a running team (those cost money though...)
 Another one I couldn't do based on us possibly moving.

12. join a gym? I dunno. Still skeptical about those things...and they're dirty. yuck.
Even better, we just bought an Xbox Kinect! I started Lindsay Brin's bootcamp and did P90x a couple times. 

13. try not to be so sensitive.
 I'd have to say this one went pretty well. I'll always be sensitive though. I think the problem is other people realizing that I'm sensitive.

14. try to look for the good in people.
I'm definitely getting better at this. I think this is one I"ll learn with age. 

15. try not to over think peoples actions/comments
This one, which goes hand in hand with the last 2, was a problem. People suck. And I need to deal with that. 

16. keep up with the 5 new recipes a month(cuz that one rocked!)
 This one I didn't do for most of the year because of Violet's terrible food eating habits. But for the past few months I've been trying different things. I have a bunch of new spices in my cabinet as proof. 

All in all, I'd say I did fairly well. Considering there are 16 resolutions here and I completed a few of them. Its better than having a small list and not completing any! So this year I've learned to make my NYR list bigger than I could imagine, knowing that there's no way I could possibly finish it, and being content with finishing only a few. 

Time to make my 2012 NYR list.