Monday, March 3, 2014

So its March now.

How am I doing on my resolutions, you may be asking yourself...daily, because you're obsessed with my life and cant get enough of me. truth be told.

1. move

So we've got our refund money, ready to replace a kitchen wall and our front window. Then we've got some touch up painting, minor repairs and the house will be on the market! (I have decided to go ahead and enroll Vi in Ritenour so she can "transfer" to the next school. I'm assuming this will be easier?)  We may be looking into private schools for 1st grade though because this common core bs is really bs.

2. try 1 new recipe a week.

I have been doing this, kind of. I have not been documenting it though.

3. Etsy store

So far I have about 7-8 things to list this year, hoping to have closer to 50.

4. write my knitting book

Henry has taken all my free time for this activity. so far I've only written about 6 patterns, which is really sad when you find out what the premise of my book is. haha.

5. hike

nope. not yet. too cold

6. bootcamp dvd

I haven't worked out once this year. I have stretched on my ball though. And I do massage about 10 hours a ya know. I guess that counts

7. me

only time will tell.

8. friends

I've been a total hermit so far this year, due to the weather.

9. money

doing better. Picked up another shift at work

10. clean kitchen

uuuuuummm....soooooooo.... uh. yeaaaaaah about that..

11. $100 a week on groceries

been closer to $150+  my bad.

12. spend less time plugged in.

failing miserably at this..

13. meal planning

so far so good.

14. cloth diapering

doing good!

15. wean from breastfeeding

still going strong 17.5 months!

16. money jar challenge

so far so good! And I have exciting plans for this goal. I plan to keep going until August 2015 for a special 10 yr wedding anniversary.

17. book challenge.

:::hangs head in shame::: 

So I've read the first 3 chapters of 1 book.