Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Resolutions

Its funny, I just read through my 2012 resolutions and some will be repeated here. Having Henry was a big factor in many of my 2012 resolutions not happening.

Here's the 2014 list, in no particular order!

1. Move!

This includes repairing the kitchen wall getting rid of a lot of the stuff we have. So anyone who got us stuff for Christmas or birthdays, dont be upset if you dont see that stuff this year. We'll use it at the next house. : )  If anyone is interested, we want to move to the Lindbergh school district. Or another state would be nice, not IL for those that may suggest it. Somewhere new.

2. Try 1 new recipe a week.

I did this a few years back and it was really fun!

3. Sew a ton of stuff for my Etsy store for next Christmas!

Had I been better prepared for Christmas this year I could have bought all our presents with Etsy money!  This year I was able to cover a third of the cost! : )

4. Write my knitting book.

This is actually going to happen. Whether it gets published this year or not I have no idea. But I've got a bunch of patterns written and a killer concept. So I'll just be knitting in secret all year. -- hooray for all my facebook friends who probably dont care to know I knit a scarf. lol. You're welcome.

5. Hike once a month, somewhere.

This doesn't sound like much I guess, but when you start from nothing, its not a bad idea to ease into it.

6. Bootcamp dvd

This only takes like 12 weeks or something.  So I want to do it at least once this year, to completion. I figure, I should tone up while I'm still small and before my 30's metabolism takes over. If I'm feeling really ambitious I may try for the p90X again in the Spring. But dont hold me to that!

7. Me

Turning 30 has really made me think about my personality, my friendships and how short life is. (yeah yeah. I know I'm only 30 and you're older than me. shush.) 

8. Friends

I would really like to start reconnecting with old friends, so if you're an old friend of mine and you want to hang out, and you're reading this, just let me know! We're available mon-fri, excluding Thurs. And if you're a relative and want to see the kids more, the same goes for you! We've got very good availability right now. I dont want to hear, "I never see the kids." Because we'd love to get together.

9. Money

We need more(who doesn't?!). Gonna fix that.

10. Work on keeping my kitchen clean all the time. 

The kitchen is by far the messiest room in our house. Mostly its because I dont do the dishes immediately after a meal and they pile up. We dont have a dishwasher. Right now there's a pile of dishes that would probably take 10 minutes to wash and put away, but I'm just like, "meh."

11. Spend $100 a week on groceries

I'm also going to try to limit my trips to Target to once a week, because that place has sucked my bank account dry. Granted, I usually only buy things we need, I'm going to take a harder look at what we actually need.

12. Spend less time plugged in

I would like to limit the time I spend online drastically. I dont need the computer. I dont need to know what people are doing and I'm sure everyone's getting sick of me, or has been for years now, on facebook.

13. Meal Planning

This can make a huge difference in your budget and your diet.

14. Cloth Diapering

We've gotten out of the habit, and now we're back in. Cloth Diapering during the day, huggies night diapers at night because Henry is a flipping fountain at night.

15. Wean from breastfeeding, if necessary.

I originally planned to wean at 12 months, and due to Henry's food allergies we just kept going, now we're at 15 months and I dont see an end in sight. As long as he wants to do it, we'll do it. That includes his college years. ; ) 

16. Money Jar Challenge

This challenge is going around the internet right now, you save $1 more per week of the year.

week 1: $1
week 2: $2
and so on. easy right? Its supposed to be almost $1400 by the end of the year.

17. Book Challenge 

Read one book per month of a different genre.

Sci Fi- Star Wars Heir to the Empire
Fiction, Adventure- Mr. Muo's Traveling Couch
Fiction- The Inheritance of Loss
Religion- Misquoting Jesus
Autobiography- I'm Still Standing
Fiction, Conspiracy- Angels and Demons
Fiction, Crime- The Lost Symbol
Romance- The Captive
Western/Frontier- Christy
Mythology- The Age of Fable
Biography- Benjamin Franklin
Autobiographical Memoir- Speak, Memory  (this one is my biggest challenge. I've been trying to read it for 10 years now)