Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Than The Last

2011 is going to change my life forever, just as 2010 did. Hopefully not for the same reasons, otherwise I may have to sell everything I own to hire a hitman. Twenty-Ten has been one of the most depressing years of my life. And, not to brag, but I've had some pretty crumby years. Thankfully, I was married to Justin and had my daughter Violet to help me get through it.

Screw Twenty-Ten, Twenty-Eleven is going to be BETTER than any year preceding it. Justin and I are going to make it so! Anyone who tries to ruin it for us is going down. (or being shunned, like the entire Fisher Family.(which is proof that I'm not joking.)

I just have to decide on my resolutions and get to it. So should you!  Now's the time! Be prepared when Twenty-Eleven comes! 

The END is near!

I'm still thinking up next years resolutions. Some possibilities for the list are:

1. less soda/coffee/caffeine
2. stop saying "like" so much
3. start my flipping business already(which needs a new name)
4. write a new knitting pattern every week
5. get a REAL website for my knitting stuff with adverts and all that jazz.
6. start treating my body like I'm going to be getting pregnant (because when I was doing that last time I felt wonderful all the time!)
7. keep the kitchen table cleaned off
8. figure out where to move!
9. make millions of dollars by playing the lottery...pwahahaha. ok, jk.
10. potty train Vi!! (yikes, scary)
11. possibly join a running team (those cost money though...)
12. join a gym? I dunno. Still skeptical about those things...and they're dirty. yuck.
13. try not to be so sensitive.
14. try to look for the good in people.
15. try not to over think peoples actions/comments
16. keep up with the 5 new recipes a month(cuz that one rocked!) (do we get roll-overs on resolutions..does this mean I can have 6 instead of 5?)

Well, that's about 3 minutes worth of thinking. I am going to narrow it down to 5, like last year. I have many more.