Monday, April 4, 2011

Twenty-Eleven Will Cost Us Thousands.

Justin and I are working on a plan to spend as much money as possible pay our credit card debt off, fix up our house so we can put it up for a sale within the next twelve months, eat MUCH more healthy (like when I was pregnant), join a gym and build muscle mass and get Violet involved in some activities with other children her age so she can get used to "mean" kids before school starts. (Because there are some MEAN kids out there. Thanks bad parenting)

Hopefully everything will fall into place, though I am expecting to have some rough patches. (like the summer when Justin doesn't get Webster money)

So, if we tell you we're going to stay home and all that..dont be offended, we're spending thousands of dollars that we usually leave for fun weekend stuff/eating dinner out.

Our goal is to move the hell out of this neighborhood/house within 1 year. I really wanted to move out at year 5, and we've just hit year 6 this month! :( I can wait another year if it means we'll make more on the house at the sale and so we can pay off more credit card debt.

A small list of things we need to do to fix the house, that we're willing to have help on if you want to:

Fix the stairs/top part of our back deck
Seal the outside basement walls of the house
Seal the inside basement walls
paint the basement floor

touch up (paint) the whole house
make-over the bathroom
fix the back door and frame
fix the broken front window
replace the fascia around the house
trim some big branches of the tree
remove the swing set
get our ducts cleaned
maybe replace carpet? (we're debating on this one)

haha, did I say SMALL list? Yeah, this is why its going to take us a year. And we're still talking about everything that needs to be done. Oh well, one small step for this house gets us into a better school district! :) and Violet's education is worth it!

So, once again, if anyone wants to help us out let me know! We plan on fixing up the bathroom first, which should be pretty easy/quick. (provided there isn't too much mold in the walls)

So, that's what's up. for now.