Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, Justin and I are getting into the tough time of the year for us, the summer. Summers are always a little more troublesome for us since Justin doesn't get his teaching money. And, since I haven't started my business just quite yet, we're about to be way beyond broke.

So, I'm going to have to pick up another day of work. I'm actually ok with that because I really do enjoy the time spent away from Violet. I mean I love the crap out of her but the time away is a good thing, for both of us.

I'm also going to look into Oprah's Debt Diet and see if there are some big changes Justin and I can make. I'm going to reinstitute my $60 per week on food plan. We used to eat SO healthy when I would plan out food and make a grocery lists. It might have to go up a bit like maybe $80 so that Violet can eat too. :)

Taking a hard core look into our credit card debt is going to probably stress me out. But I'm hoping it might also be motivation to get my lazy butt moving on my business.

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  1. This may not work for you, but when Craig and I got serious about our budget, we went and opened several bank accounts (most are checking) and got debit cards for each one.

    So now we have a food account that we use for eating out at restaurants/fast food. We put a certain amount of money in that account each paycheck and when the money is gone, it's gone. Until next paycheck.

    The ladies at the bank laugh anytime I walk in b/c they wonder if I'm there to open another account :)

    But, it works!

    We have a baby account, a vacation account, a gift account (when we buy gifts to give to others) and 2-3 others.

    B/c all of our debit cards look alike, I used my label maker to label which card was which.

    Good luck finding a system that works for you.