Monday, January 3, 2011


I haven't decided on any resolutions, and frankly I'm just too busy right now to really think about it, so here is quickly put together list.

So, my "goals" for this year are:

1. Get the whole family eating healthy again

2. Find a better job

3. Be happy

4. Grow another 6" of hair

5. Drink more water

1-3 are the most important things to me this year. Last year Justin and I started eating like crap again, I never started my business and I was depressed all year. MUST END!!

I can also admit, there were days that I didn't even have so much as a sip of water because I drank so much coffee/tea/soda. bleck.

So, lets go ahead and change that and get back into health!

I didn't add exercise because I really dont want that to be a "resolution" I want it to just be a lifestyle choice. Though, I do need to get back in the swing of pilates because I've been having major neck/back issues this year.

So, Cheers to 2011! Please OH Please, bring me some happiness!

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