Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bad week

I destroyed the chicken hot pot. I'm not entirely sure what happened, all I know is that it was so disgusting that I threw away all traces of food that was anywhere near the pot. The seasonings were a little wonky.

My stuffing was also a catastrophe. :*( It was a bad day for cooking. I was watching some cooking show a while back and they said to save all your left over bread in the freezer and use it for stuffing/dressing(whatever you want to call it). So I've been stock piling it up and I had almost a whole loaf and decided it was time to try it out. It was all mush and extremely gross. I will only be using fresh stale bread from now on. (I love that oxy-moron).

I just watched Julie and Julia tonight and loved it so much. Boeuf Bourguignon may be on the menu soon! Even though it wouldn't be a new recipe for me.

As far as my reading is going, I pretty much haven't read anything all week. I've been busy relaxing. You would think I would have read more this week since Justin has been working all nights but, no such luck. Sometimes its nice for a little break.

I think I will be making Beef Stroganoff this week because I've only tried to make this once and it was a really weird recipe which I inevitably threw away. Plus, I have never cooked with tarragon and am excited to!

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