Monday, January 18, 2010

Beef Stroganoff

The stroganoff was yummy! I would suggest adding more sour cream and some water, possibly milk instead of water. It also seemed like there was an herb missing, dill maybe? I'm not sure. The tarragon was good though. This paired excellently with steam broccoli with butter and s&p.

To finish things off I made my first ever Angel Food Cake and topped it with whipped cream and blueberries, delicious! Claire wanted me to post this picture of her enjoying the cake.

This week was much better than last! Now its time to go rest because my stomach hurts from the pre-dinner crudite. What a wonderful day for food!


  1. Glad dinner turned out well. It seems easy to make, was it?

  2. It was very easy to make. I am definitely going to be writing this recipe down.