Friday, April 23, 2010

I've finished the Harry Potter series

Here is a cake of Hogwarts! How cool. I wish I could make awesome stuff like that!

Well, Deathly Hallows was a very good read. I enjoyed it more than Half-Blood Prince. It was a little depressing at times though.

Spoiler Alert!! Don't read below if you don't want to know.

Here is the short version on how I feel about the book.

Ok, did I care that Moody died? not so much. He wasn't that great of a character and we never really got to know him since Barty Crouch Jr. was posing as him. So, no hard feelings there. I have to admit, I was more sad when Hedwig died. I'm sure most were since Hedwig was so special to Harry.

I could have done without Ron being a bitch and leaving Harry and Hermione. That didn't seem all that important to the storyline and I feel that if she had left that alone the book wouldn't have been so depressing. Oh well.

I'm happy that JK actually took the time to explain what really happened between Snape and Lily. She has thrown hints at a possible romance between the two here and there and I always wondered if I was just crazy because I was thinking along those lines. I'm always upset though when I hear that people are told only half the story so as to make them think a certain way. Of course, for plots sake(ha), I understand why she did it.

I was honestly expecting everyone to die, and I mean everyone. The fact that Harry died and came back, sounded like a little bit of bs to me. If the Elder Wand had never taken to Voldemort, wouldn't it have backfired on him the first time? Instead of the second. Then Nagini would have been Voldemort and Harry would have had to battle a huge snake! Or, was it that since Nagini was still alive, the wand couldn't kill Voldemort yet...which is what she wants us to believe. It just doesn't make sense compared to the first time when Harry's parents died. I guess I need to think about this more. The ending was almost exactly what I was expecting though, Voldemort and Harry face to face. I like the way she didn't have them "dueling" so much as, talking. I get the feeling that in the movie it will not go that way and there will be explosions. (maybe even a giant mechanical spider...since they brought the Acromantulas out of the forest).

Anyway, I had high expectations for the ending and I think she did a great job.

The "19 Years Later" part at the end could have been left out though. I thought it was fitting that Harry & Ginny and Ron & Hermione got married and had kids, but I thought the fact that Harry named all his kids after people was kind of lame. I get why, I just thought it was lame.

Plus, now that Voldemort is gone, its kind of boring to think about their kids going to Hogwarts. I mean...if they sneak off it wont be to do exciting stuff. whatever.

The series was great. All in all it was good.

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