Thursday, April 1, 2010

My small garden.

A small start is better than no start!

Why haven't I been gardening??? Oh....yeah, its time consuming.

So, sadly I will not be planting a sidewalk border...because I'm apparently lazy. Here are pics of my beginnings. I have slowly been prepping the soil. I wouldn't really call the "earth" that I have surrounding my house soil, I had to buy some good quality soil from Home Depot. I first dug and raked all the dirt and got rid of the grass. I then bought the cheapest separation device I could find, 4 for $6! haha. They look really retarded but that's not the point of the garden. I am hoping they will blend in and be hardly noticed. I then bought some sphagnum peat and some humus & manure and mixed it in with the clay that I have been blessed with. So, once it was all clumpy n stuff I raked it and raked it and tried to make it small and pretty and eventually had to go buy a couple of big bags of garden soil. It also has miracle-grow in it which should last for 3 months.

I am also germinating some Vanilla Impatiens for the back porch so I can enjoy some pretty flowers back there too! I wont be able to transfer the impatiens for another 7 weeks or so.

I just planted my lily of the valley, which was supposed to be 2 but I think it was just one....or else I'm going to have one huge lily of the valley..haha. You live, you learn!

I also planted all the freesia around it. I'm concerned about the freesia because it says it needs full sun and the place I put it isn't quite full sun. Its more like, the dividing line between the shade of the house and the sun. So, hopefully as summer progresses and the sun becomes a little more straight above the house it will even itself out. I'll have my fingers crossed at least. If it doesn't work out, I only have to dig up the corms and save them until next year.

Anyway, yada yada yada, here are some pictures.

I probably wont be blogging about the garden for a while since I am expecting nothing to change for at least 7 weeks.

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