Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lester Proofing..

10 ways to keep squirrels out of your garden or pots.

1. Take the squirrels at least 15 miles away from home.
2. Sprinkle hot sauce/pepper flakes around garden.
3. Place kids pinwheels around garden.
4. Sprinkle human hair clippings around garden.
5. Sprinkle coffee grounds in flower pots.
6. Place toy snakes in garden, moving them around every once in a while.
7. Read the book "Squirrel Wars."
8. Use a bird bath/bowl of water. Squirrels eat plants because they are thirsty.
9. Place mothballs around garden.
10. Place loose plastic mesh over dirt.

ok..I'm ok with most of these except the hot sauce/pepper flakes. That just seems mean. Poor little guys with burning mouths.

I think I will try putting a bowl of water out on the porch near the pots and I might try the plastic snake in the front "garden" and see if that works.

I will keep you updated.

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