Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, here's the plan, the "business plan" if you will. hehe. yeah, I'm 10, so wut.

The final steps I need to take(this week!):

  • Open a P.O. Box...yikes $60/yr. sheesh.
  • Buy some nice clothes, since none of my "work" pants fit anymore...sigh... I like this shirt... (not too professional nor too casual. I'm not sure if my ginormous rack would fit though...that model has ZERO chest and it looks tight on her.)
  • Set up Website
  • Purchase Business Cards
  • Purchase Essential Oils
  • Convince the lady up the street that she should be babysitting Violet for me...because its uh, UP THE STREET! crap that would be awesome! I'd even contemplate buying her a carseat just for Vi since I know she's got a child in summer pre-school.
  • Purchase disposable face cradle covers & waste bags
Final Steps for next week:
  • Mail out post cards & flyers (or, have them mailed out...because that's how I'm gonna roll)
  • Hopefully start scheduling for a few weeks in advance!
  • Announce my business to all Friends and Family (So they can tell me how I should be doing things and so they can make fun of my terrible logo. Yeah, I'm not a web designer, logo designer or anything in between. Yes, I could have paid someone to make it look better. No, I'm probably not going to until I start making money. End of Story.)

 Ok, Stress is REALLY starting to pile up now! 


  1. or you can have friends do some of it for free for you. I don't do design everyday, but I'm still pretty good at it and the web site thing is really easy to do.