Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday #27

I still cant believe I'm 27. really. No I'm serious....oh wait, you believed me. nm.

Here is a picture of some of the awesome things I got for my birthday!

On the left there is the complete Anne of Green Gables series from Ben, Jennie and Becca! I jokingly posted it on facebook and it just magically showed up at my door the other day! SWEET!!!  I am going to start reading it tonight!

In the center is a cool photo frame from my mom. Now Justin and I need to spend hours picking out pictures to put in there.

Next is Lego Harry Potter from Justin. My first X-Box 360 game, which is finished to 100%. I got all 1000 achievement points for it. I enjoyed playing this game so much, I'm already playing again under Justin's name so he can get the achievement points too!

And lastly, all the way to the right is the COOLEST card I have ever received! Its a got a hand knit square on it that was knit with toothpicks! The card reads, "Do you think this yarn will be too scratchy? I was going to make you some Sunday-go-to-meetin' gloves..." inside, "but pasties go so much faster, and are much more festive." LOL! Thanks Sheryn! I will keep this card forever! 

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday memorable! I had a great day. I worked in the morning and then came home and Justin took me out to TGI Friday's where I had a really yummy dinner with an even yummier Strawberry Daiquiri!


  1. Yay! So glad you got (and like) the books! I knew there was a reason we are such kindred spirits! ;)

    Happy birthday!

  2. Your versatility is showing. I KNEW you would appreciate the card. I just wish they had some of the ones I REALLY like, but, there's always next year. Happy 27th!