Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Toddler Room

Quilting, nope, I'm not doing it yet. I'm still figuring out what style I want Violet's room to be. I'm thinking pink and green, since there is already a bunch of green. I'm also thinking about ditching the monkey theme and the canvas I made for her.

Side note: I might make another canvas set that matches her quilt. How cool would that be! Or I found this.

Here is a picture of the current canvas that I made for her nursery. Isn't it cute! 

I came across this website FabricLovers.com and really like their fabric. They have a lot of "modern" fabric. Which is important.

We are also getting rid of the rocking chair in her room and will be replacing it with a toddler size table and 2 chairs for her to play on. (which I bought for Claire when she was a toddler)

I will be making her an apron/table cloth/napkins for tea parties. hehe, aww.

I think that I really want her room to be uber girly though, with lace and chiffon. I LOVE Fancy Nancy so she will be my inspiration! I might even try to make her a tulle bed skirt, but we'll see. With a quilt it might look better with a cotton bed skirt.

My room as a child was just a regular old room. Nothing really special. All I can really remember was that there was crap EVERYWHERE!!  So I'm focusing on organization and not overloading her with toys. (ahem, grandparents) Too many toys to me is just overwhelming. So, as of this Christmas, every new toy means adios to an old toy. (plus, I will be removing toys that she doesn't play with anymore.) We've pretty much put away all of her infant toys.

I also was debating on getting a "toy box" but I find that just creates a lazy child. If you have one big toy box then they don't get used to putting things where they belong. But, if everything has a place, it may create a better habit for your child.  (these are just my opinions, I will not be judging others) Which means less of the parent cleaning the children's room or yelling at the child for having a messy room. I got yelled at ALL the time for having a messy room, but was never taught how to clean it. I dont mean to make my parents sound bad its just the dirty truth.

Also, Ikea has a bagillion things that are awesome and super cheap! So I might be buying stuff from there eventually.

Anyway, whew, all that writing just to post a link that no one is going to go to. lol.


  1. Cool, I like that your doing the girly thing with her. Not that I'm a sexist or anything, I just think that girls need to have their girl things plus it is easy to buy gifts for birthdays when you know the girly gift will be appreciated. Which means, maybe for a birthday she can get a music box.

  2. Yeah, I've started thinking about Becca's toddler room... but I think I'm going to keep it kind more color themed than toy/character themed. Maybe rainbows. Don't know though. Once I find a couple designs I like, I'll show her and let her help pick.

  3. Yeah, I'm not really into character themes either. I like Fancy Nancy, but will only be using her as an inspiration for colors/fabrics etc. I dont want her to be all over the place. I have also told my mom and Bridget that I dont want Elmo/Abby everywhere. We already have more Elmo shit than I want. I cant wait to get rid of some of it. I dont really like Elmo that much.