Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I went grocery shopping

Well, I actually bought breakfast food. I'm not sure if its classified as healthy. I am going to start eating breakfast every day and see if it changes my opinion on eating throughout the day, what I choose to eat, and my overall mood for being healthy.

I feel silly blogging about this, but since I blogged how unhealthy I am yesterday I've thought about it a lot.

I'm worried that I didn't buy enough food though because when I eat breakfast I'm usually hungry ALL THE TIME! ---but normal hungry. Last night this guy at Wendy's(I got a burger and a salad) ordered 3, THREE, double bacon cheeseburgers. HOLY CRAP! How can you do that to your body? That is just insane! I'm glad Justin doesn't eat like that. For 2 people their dinner bill, at Wendy's, was around $20. Other than the 3 burgers for himself he also got 2 spicy chicken wraps and 1 other thing...anyway. Just because you're big doesn't mean you have to eat like an idiot. I understand big guys need lots of food, but not that kind of food. I hope his arteries show him a thing or to before he hits 30 and set him straight.

Anyway, enough about that guy and more about me....actually, nevermind, I'm done blogging. bye.

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