Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its time to get REAL

Real organized!  Where is the woman in my life when I need one!  Justin, I love the crap out of you(maybe not literally) but seriously, you're just about the best thing that has ever happened to me...until I got pregnant. I need a wife!  I am so crazy with ideas that I start so many projects and get super scatter-brained that I have a million things going on and can hardly finish anything at all. Lately, I've taken to knitting. I've finished a big blanket I thought would never be done, and I started making some dish cloths and baby bibs again.

I've been thinking, these dish cloths are AMAZING! and I wanted to start making them in bulk to send out to people, but then I was like, um...should I get an account? Then people could just order them and it would be a little more professional and I wouldn't have to deal with that awkward, "how much do I owe you?" stuff...Not that there is anything wrong with that. I was thinking that it would just be easier if people saw what I had to offer and could make the decision privately instead of feeling on the spot. So, I need to decide if I want to do that and then I need to get that all organized if I do.

I'm also starting to knit all of Violet's winter hats and headbands, and maybe a sweater or two and I will be needing a special place for that crap as well. (yes, I call all my stuff crap. I really like the word crap. Its like a curse, but its not. Its a noun, verb, adjective, and probably so much more. lol, grammar was never really my thing. ) 

I also need to get my sewing stuff organized big time. Violet's quilt isn't going to just magically appear out of nowhere. I think I need to take stock in those huge clear plastic containers because as of right now, I could make my life a million times easier if I had about 100 of those damn things. Hey, Container Store wanna do a home remodel??  Ha, yeah right. They would walk in my house and be like, "we're just going to have to tear down this whole house and start from scratch."  Oh wait, I'd be ok with that!  ahem, call me. ;)

Now, the most important thing is my business. I really need to put all my stuff in one place. I dont have much, but its spread out all over the place. I suppose I could store some of it in my laptop bag...but I definitely cant fit my chair in there.  

I'd also like to start cooking healthy again. I cant wait to start all my favorite fall foods. But I want to keep up with  my resolution and try lots of new things this fall/winter. So, I need all my cookbooks handy and put back where they go. More importantly, I need to put all the recipes that I wrote on scraps of paper in one happy a scrapbook? lol. Sorry, I'm dumb. But also a genius! A recipe scrap book!  Holy crap, why didn't I think of that before. I love revelations during blogging. sweet.

Anyway, I am also SUPER excited to change the nursery into a toddler room but Vi isn't quite ready to potty train yet. She's getting closer for sure. She now knows when she is peeing because she grabs her crotch, :(, and she also started recognizing "poot" which is poop. I'm trying to teach her that poop comes out her butt, but she's a slow learner with that. I dropped one of her poops in her potty today and had her look and she said, "yuck" lol. Hm, you dont have to tell me(the poo cleaner) that its gross. 

I wish, I wish with all my might...that we could live in a 12 bedroom house. one for each hobby of mine and Justin's and then I guess a few could be bedrooms. 

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