Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'll just make my own fancy letters. :P

I've been seeing big fancy letters for children's rooms all over the place. They are usually dictating a name or just initials. Typically I've seen full first names.

Yeah, those things are EXPENSIVE! anywhere from $10-$35 per letter. Ok, I'm poor and feel that I should be able to give my daughter something cute and trendy for her room.

So, with $10 and some old ugly picture frames/glue/mod-podge I had laying around, here's what I did. (if you have to buy glue and mod podge and frames(dollar store) you can add another $7-10 to this project, which will still end up saving you an ass boat-load of money.

You dont have to be particularly crafty to do this project, just patient. I have never used spray paint before and found it pretty easy to use. (I used a WHOLE can for this project because I'm apparently not as good as I think I am.) Other skills you may need are tracing, color matching, frame shopping and using scissors. You can do this, I know you can. Of course, if you want something personalized/similar to this and dont feel like doing the work, I'll do it, but I'll charge you....5 million dollars. mwuahahahaha. just kidding. 4 million dollars. just kidding, but I'm really not, just kidding, I really am but I'm just pretending that I'm not, just kidding.

my frames are 2-  8"x10" and 1- 5"x7"
Things to purchase:

Go to Hobby Lobby(or craft store of your choice) and purchase 3 sheets of scrapbooking paper ($.59 a piece) for a background. And, if you're doing initals only like me, grab another sheet of a contrasting color for the letters. I bought these little wooden letters for $1 a piece!  Also, I bought my spray paint there to paint the frames and letters for $4.99

#2 Cut the paper.
#1 Trace the letter.

#2 Cut out the letter

#3 Rub the paper over the wood letter to show beveled edge.

#4 cut the excess paper off
#3 Cut the other paper.
Cut the background pages to fit your frames.
Then have your cat do a quality check upside down.

#4 Take your wood and paint outside and paint it all.
After you paint, it takes a few hours to be able to handle the wood again.

#5 mod-podge the paper to the letters, being ever so careful.
The paper kind of buckled in a few areas. This was unavoidable for me since I dont know what I'm doing and making this up as I go. :)
 #6 Put the precut pieces of paper in the frames. I put the glass under the paper for stability.

#7 I used a spray adhesive to adhere the letters to the paper.

finished product. I'll post another picture when this is on the wall.

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  1. Great job! I think they look great- better than anything you would have paid more money for!

    Plus, you made them, which makes it even more special for Violet.