Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Toddler bed.

I'm so lost. I tried to convert Vi's bed to a toddler bed today, just to get a visualization not to actually keep it that way, and big surprise...its supposed to convert to a toddler and full size bed and all the holes are WAY too big and the bolts just slide right in..WITHOUT TURNING! ug. I'm thinking we're in the market for a new bed for her.

Target had a really cute one on sale for $60 last week...but I cant find it online to see if its still on sale. I'm assuming its not.

But, would I rather just skip the toddler bed altogether and go straight to a twin?  I'm thinking probably not. She's so darn little, a twin bed would just be crazy big.

But we could save a $100 and not have to worry about a toddler bed transition, which are 2 kind of big


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  1. We're gonna skip the toddler bed altogether. Sometime around Becca's 2nd birthday, I think we'll move her into the other bedroom (currently the guest room). My mom and dad are letting us trade them the queen bed we have for one of their twin beds. So Becca will be going straight to a twin size bed. I might get her one of those doggy staircases though so she can climb into bed more easily.