Thursday, February 25, 2010

excuses excuses

Its amazing how nothing gets done when I'm pissed off. I've been pissed pretty much since Monday. I'm trying to be all cool and calm and tell myself that everything will work out and be hunky dory really soon but right now in the thick of everything I'm dealing with I just cant see that actually being true.

Reasons I'm pissed off:

1. Still dont have my W2's and am tired of listening to the lame excuses from my ex employer.
2. Apparently, January 20th I got sent an email about "mandatory" CEU's for work that were due on February 20th. So, when my boss asked me on Feb 21st if I was near completion of my CEU's I simply told her, "I didn't want to do them, so I didn't do them." She was like, "whaaaaaaa?" I proceeded to repeat myself, because sometimes people are slow. She told me that they were mandatory(which I didn't know at the time, or else I would have done them) and were due yesterday(the 20th). SO, why am I pissed?
3. Because now I have to do them by this weekend and since I don't have my W2's yet(which should have been in the mail today,
4. but the mailman is slower than crap and delivers the mail as late as freaking possible)as soon as they come I have to make sure we can get them done asap.
5. But since Justin is so ungodly busy all the damn time(yes you are) we probably wont have time to do them until Monday night(provided you dont get scheduled) which is my next available night to just hang out with Justin and relax and enjoy the fact that I'm not alone with Violet, yet again.
6. So, rather than being all happy and relaxed and enjoying life I get to be stressed out and pissed off for my fun 2 day work week which is everyone else's effing weekend
7. which means I get to be busy all freaking day long and not to mention,
8. I dont get to see Justin either Saturday or Sunday after work because he is working and
9. I have a stupid mandatory meeting to go to where I will probably get to meet all my
10. new bosses because the turnover rate is higher than that of the amount of pancakes flipped in an Ihop on Sunday morning after church.
11. plus I don't have any time to go grocery shopping this week and I know that my mom and sister (who are spending the night Friday night so I can go to Justin's show)
12. are going to eat all the food I have on reserve.

There are about 4 more things that I would whine about but since people read this I probably shouldn't.

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