Monday, February 8, 2010

reading and eating

Ok, I updated my previous post with comments about each recipe. The party was wonderful, even though I wasn't too into the whole "first birthday" party idea. It was a nice get together though of all our best friends and closest family members. I only wish my grandparents could have been there and my brothers too! I couldn't believe all the books that Violet got that meant so much to people. I was also surprised that she received some of the actual books that the giver read when they were young! How thoughtful. I know she will love them forever!!

Ok, so now I have more incentive to read through HP a little quicker. Since Vi got some great books for her birthday and I was reminded of how much I love certain books I am excited to read through them again. (Charlotte's Web mostly.) Anyway, I'm 1/4 way through HBP. It's exciting for me to read since its been so long. I cant believe I started the series back in November and I'm still not done yet. But now I have no parties to plan(for a while, Justin turns 30 in November and has requested a "huge ass party.") and just living and raising a baby to do.

As far as cooking is going, I'm loving this resolution more than any other! I was thinking about knocking it off my resolution list and putting it on my "for the rest of my life" list. We'll see. After 1 year I'm sure its going to become more and more difficult. Plus, I will have developed favorites that I will want over and over.

I also think that I'm going to venture into the world of fennel. I've never cooked with it and I see it on every cooking show I watch(all 5-Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Everyday Food, America's Test Kitchen and Simply Ming). --Could you imagine how many I would watch if I had cable! Anyway, I cant wait to try it. I hope its not gross because a bulb of fennel is huge! I am going to start out where its not really the star ingredient and see if I like it. I love how the fawns smell like anise though! yummy. (though, I don't really like licorice root.--Star anise and licorice smell similar for those of you who dont know.)

I recently went fancy and bought Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla to bake with. Its so funny because I'm so used to imitation vanilla that the Madagascar Vanilla doesn't smell like vanilla to me. I hope I'm not broken in the vanilla dept. :( I have a whole bottle though so maybe by the end of it I will prefer it. I made some snickerdoodles for Violet's birthday party and they didn't taste as good to me with the fancy pants stuff... 0-1. I think I will try sugar cookies next because you can really taste the vanilla in those.

That's all for now...oh wait, no its is a link to of these. Martha Stewarts Whole living website with some recipes that are good for your skin,
I may be trying some of these soon.

That's all folks!


  1. I would be curious to know the titles of books she got. Always on look out for unusual books to read.

  2. I will definitely post them!