Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reading progress.

I'm not doing too good folks. I finally picked up my book after I'm sure a week+ of forgetting that I was even reading it. lol. I'm terrible.

I've just been up to my ears in everything. I'm also writing a business plan right now so that makes it a little more complicated.

So, right now in the book I'm at the part where they've just started their first day at school, snape is teaching D.A.D.A. and Slughorn is teaching Potions. Harry is currently in his potions class using the book of the Half-Blood Prince..but I haven't officially learned that via the book. I remember that from the previous time I read the first 8 chapters of the book. lol. Anywhooo....hopefully I can get a little further this week.

I have started a couple knitting projects and I'm still trying to cook my heart out. There is nothing like food made from scratch. yum yum. So, I unfortunately have put reading on the back burner. Like my pun? tee hee.

Bye Bye my babies.

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