Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Normally I don't knit a pattern without seeing a picture of it first. But, I have tried 3 different scarf patterns written by random people online and none of them were mathematically correct. Which makes me want to shake my fist really hard at the computer.

I found this pattern and was hesitant for all of 30 seconds while I read the pattern, counted the stitches and realized it would work. Plus, in my opinion, only the old ladies who don't know how to use a computer post their patterns without I figured it was a winner.

Low and behold, I have knit about 1.5" and think its a pretty neat pattern. So I'm sticking with it.

It is a 10 stitch and 10 row pattern(which I would usually frown upon)that is really easy to memorize.


I will post pics when I get a little further.

I need to finish this scarf before I start anymore projects...which is going to be really difficult for me because I already have 3 more projects lined up.

wink at ya later.


  1. So - where's the scarf?

  2. ahem, I just started it. There's only about 6" so far. I'll post when its a little longer so you can see the pattern.